New Enzymes with Sucrase!

My sister came across these while doing research for her nutrition class. We are giving them a try now that Parker’s eczema is under control. Although he still showing some symptoms, we believe it’s mostly environmental. As of yesterday this will be the only digestive support he will take until the bottle is gone.

I will continue to give Parker his antihistamine at night, and apply the prescription ointment for topical treatment. For the record here is a picture I took of him yesterday when we were baking gingerbread cookies gluten free of course.

They are available through various Amazon sellers. Simply search: “Klaire Labs Vital-Zymes chewable”

As you can see he still has some irritation around his eye and some spots on his neck…but huge improvement over all.


Enzymes for Starch and Other Digestive Support Products

Nature’s Sunshine specializes in supplements for digestive health. The label on their new and improved FOOD ENZYMES claims they can assist in digesting up to 30 grams of carbohydrates per meal! This is great news for CSID families! However, as with all supplements, the only way we will really know if they work is to give them a try. Please see the links to these enzymes and other supplements mentioned on this post to the left of this page.

Nature’s Sunshine is also the company I order chlorophyll, aloe vera juice and probiotics from. Once you select the link to any of these products by clicking on their name above or on the left side of this page, you can search for the remaining products after you are redirected to the Nature’s Sunshine website. If you choose to order more than $40 worth of products, you will receive the membership pricing.

SPECIAL NOTE: The links provided from this blog will automatically generate my member number as your sponsor. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please let me know. Since Nature’s Sunshine distributes its products through representatives and is not available in stores, it is considered a direct marketing company. All this means is that instead of investing in advertising or marketing to large stores, it compensates those who bring them business and invests would-be-advertising dollars into creating higher-quality products. I have never come across a product on a store shelf that compares to the quality of Nature’s Sunshine or other direct-marketing health company’s products, such as Shaklee (where I purchase multi-vitamins and cleaning products). Just to be clear, this is not a solicitation or an attempt to make money for my own gain. This is just the best way to pass on quality products to you based on what my family has experienced! There are no added sugars, fillers or starches to these supplements, a factor difficult to find on most store shelves.

The combination of the chlorophyll cocktail and marshmallow root capsules were key in bringing healing to Parker’s irritated and inflamed digestive system. The fact that he recovers in 48 hours or less from vomiting or diarrhea associated with ingesting harmful foods by accident, is all the proof I need regarding the effectiveness of these digestive support supplements.

As always, I encourage eating healthy whenever possible. However, I understand that there are times when time, money or other circumstances call for compromising the food we feed our children. By including these supplements on a daily basis, you will be doing your part to keep your child’s digestive system strong during moments you cannot control what he or she eats.

Please do not use these products as license to allow harmful foods on a regular basis, as you will simply be wasting your money and compromising your child’s long term health and eating habits. I say this as a mother who has let her guard down, failed to curb poor eating habits, and witnessed my children suffer as a result.

When I fail, I take a deep breath and start over again. Each time I grow more resolve, discover additional solutions, and reap the reward of a healthy family!

Enzyme Levels and Enzyme Digestive Support for CSID

Small Bowel Biopsy Results and Suggested Supplements

Here are the results from my own children’s small bowel biopsies. This is the test that confirmed their CSID diagnosis. If your child has had the small bowel biopsy, ask your doctor for the results so that you can compare them to normal levels.

Function of Lactase

Lactase’s primary function is to break down a type of sugar called lactose. Lactose is a sugar found in milk and other dairy products. As a large sugar compound, lactose cannot be absorbed naturally by your body. In order to metabolize this form of sugar, your body needs lactase to break down lactose into two smaller particles called glucose and galactose. These smaller sugar molecules are more easily absorbed by the cells in your intestine. Without lactase, lactose remains in your digestive tract and cannot be used by your body.

Functions of Maltase and Sucrase

There are a series of special enzymes that are necessary for the breakdown of specific things. Maltase, invertase, sucrase and diastase are all enzymes that break down specific sugars we ingest. Maltase and diastase break down malt sugar—the kinds of sugars you find in malt liquor and other malted foods. Invertase and sucrase also break down sugar but are better able to break down sucrose or table sugar. Those of us with a high sugar intake especially need these enzymes available. If they can’t do their job, the bacteria in our gut are the only things that have the advantage. Stomach cramps, bloating and gas can result if the sugar-digesting enzymes are inadequate.
Read More:

Normal and Abnormal Ranges for Each Enzyme

Lactase: Normal Range 16.5- 32.5, Abnormal is less than 16
Sucrase: Normal Range 29-79.8, Abnormal is less than 25
Maltase: Normal Range 98-223.6, Abnormal is less than 100
Palatinase: Normal Range 4.6-17.6, Abnormal is less than

My son, Parker’s test results at 18 months old (2005):
Lactase: 30.4
Sucrase: 6.6
Maltase: 39.0
Palatinase: 0

My daughter Elora’s test results at age 15 (2008)
Lactase: 21.1
Sucrase: 2.3
Maltase: 50.4
Paltinase: 2.3

Currently, they are both able to tolerate some starch from various sources but an excess of grain-based starches or legumes eventually leads to signs of inflammation and struggling immunity. Only when they are taking digestive and systemic enzymes on a regular basis, are they able to succeed including small portions of high-starch-based foods without symptoms.

Enzymes our Family Has Used with Success Include:

Digestive Enzymes

Carb Digest with Isogest appears to assist with the digestion of disaccharides, the primary deficient enzymes for those with CSID. I have contacted an expert from their company about determining the safety of this product for children. If you have used this product, please let me know if it works! This could be a great Sucraid substitute or complimentary enzyme therapy.

Vital-Zymes™ Chewable contain a full-spectrum of digestive enzymes focused on carbohydrate digestion plus enteric-coated serratia peptidase, a systemic enzyme that may help with supporting various healthy inflammation responses.

Vitazym Digest for those who will and can swallow capsules, or if needed, sprinkle half to one capsule on food. This formula includes a total of 18 enzymes to support digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Consult your medical practitioner regarding proper dosing for children.

Systemic Enzymes

For more on Systemic Enzymes, see the blog post I wrote for Energetic Nutrition HERE.

Vitalzym Extra Strength™


Sucraid Problems and Solutions

I have just experienced a major issue with getting the proper amount of Sucraid delivered and prescribed for Parker. I am very frustrated and annoyed at the lack of knowledge out there regarding CSID and Sucraid over 5 years after my son’s diagnosis.

At the beginning of November, we established a new doctor and insurance plan due to our move from Idaho to California. I was so grateful that my Parker’s new doctor knew about digestive enzyme deficiencies, I didn’t realize he still did not write out the Sucraid prescription for the correct dosage until today! I have been having issues with getting his Sucraid refill in time for Thanksgiving and after many confusing phone calls to Curascript, managed to get an expedited delivery at 9:30pm Wednesday night! When I discovered there was only 1 bottle (instead of the 2 my son now needs due to an increase in weight over the past 2 years)… I assumed Curascript would be mailing the second bottle ASAP.

That is not the case! I will take some responsibility, as I have tried to get 2 bottles delivered ever since Parker started school so that he could have one bottle at school and one bottle at home. Because I failed to research the correct dosage/weight, I have not been as emphatic in requesting the additional amount. I did not realize he actually NEEDED 2 bottles, and have only been giving him 1ml per meal when I have access to Sucraid.

The recommended dosing of Sucraid® is as follows. (Copied from

(15kg=33lbs… Parker is now 42 pounds, thus requires 2ml per meal and/or snack)

Table 2. Recommended dosing of Sucraid®

For those of you unfamiliar with Sucraid, please click the underlined link above. For those of you familiar, I would love to get your feedback here. What problems have you had trying to explain to your doctor the need for Sucraid and how much your child needs? Have you compromised the use of Sucraid due to the fact it only comes in 1 118ml bottle that must remain refrigerated? How have you handled school lunches or ensuring your child has Sucraid when away from home?

After carefully reading the dosage recommendations, I now know at 42 pounds, that Parker NEEDS 2ml per meal! And I thought I was fudging the truth in order to get 2 bottles. Now that I am certain, I am on a mission to makes sure my son as well as any other child needing Sucraid, will get the proper amount prescribed by his/her doctor as well as approved by the insurance. The above link not only clarifies why Sucraid is needed, but what amount is needed for your child. I am planning on printing this and bringing it to his doctor today so that it can be on record as well as faxed to the insurance company.

A second issue I have had in the past is trying to figure out why Sucraid must be bottled in 118ml amounts. In the past, having the dosage divided into two bottles would have alleviated a lot of stress, especially while traveling. Trying to keep Sucraid cold during a summer vacation can be very challenging in the car. I cannot imagine how difficult it may be for those of you traveling by airplane with all the restrictions on how much liquid can be carried on board.

Again, please submit feedback on this! Have any of you contacted the makers of Sucraid and found answers to these questions? Please let me know. I would like this blog to be another avenue where we can share our challenges and triumphs with all things related to CSID.