CSID Recipes Revamp!

Hello! I am so glad that you found my website and all the information I have gleaned about CSID since my youngest child was diagnosed back in 2005. Every year our family faces challenges and every year I learn a little more about how to keep us healthy.

While in the process of making revisions for the 2nd Edition of A Place to Start Without Sugar or Starch, I will be revamping the content on this blog. I will be removing pages and posts as well as revising old posts to better reflect my current knowledge.

If you have any questions or suggestions about how I can organize the information in a way that is more accessible, please fill out the Contact Form to the right.  Please be patient, and I promise I will return your email just as soon as I can.

Be advised that posts dated prior to 2013 may contain outdated information. I urge you to read the most recent posts first to understand any inconsistencies.

I wish you the best in your own CSID journey and hope to have the 2nd edition of A Place to Start Without Sugar or Starch available TBA 2016.