New Year Goals, Book Update, Sharing Your Story

I just wanted to drop a quick note to everyone to let you know I plan to continue posting and revising recipes beginning January 3rd. The publishing of the CSID ebook is just the beginning of perfecting this project in order to make it suitable for traditional publication. In the meantime, I have plans to do further research on the nutritional benefits of the CSID diet, as the more I learn, the more I realize that as limited as the CSID diet is, it still allows for some of the healthiest foods on the planet!

On this note, I am in search of a certified nutritionist who is willing to donate his or her time to assisting me in developing a menu which offers balanced nutritional benefits in addition to easy digestion. All I have gleaned so far has been the result of reading many books on general digestive health, or second hand knowledge that I try my best to translate into simple terms. My ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive, yet easy to understand and accurate guide for managing CSID through diet, enzyme therapy and digestive support supplementation.

In addition, I am going to rework the many topics I reference in the ebook as articles I am planning on pitching to various health magazines. Perhaps one article will spark the interest of a professional in the field of digestive health as well as help in spreading awareness about CSID. I would also love to profile several CSID stories in a separate article, similar to a “mystery diagnosis” anthology of sorts. As many of you know, writing is my forte and I wish to use it to tell your stories as well! Digestive health aside, I know there are many courageous parents out there who have pressed on in order to discover the answer to their child’s health woes. In turn, your story has the potential to encourage other parents. I am simply the vessel offering to connect your story with theirs!

With that, I send blessings and encouragement to all of you in the New Year! May we all set goals of health, peace and patience!