A Place to Start Without Sugar or StarchI’m excited to offer you the Second Edition of A Place to Start Without Sugar or Starchnow available on Amazon and in the Kindle Store.

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Focused specifically for managing the CSID diet, a mother of five describes her decade-long journey of discovery in feeding her family. This guide includes causes, symptoms, and solutions for managing food intolerance, suggested supplements, food lists, menus, recipes and more. Also helpful for other diets that require modifying or limited disaccharides.

From the Back Cover:

In 2012, I published the first-ever reference and recipe guide for CSID (Congenital Sucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency). A Place to Start Without Sugar or Starch remains an important resource for parents and adults struggling to manage CSID. However, in early 2015, new information and personal experience prompted me to remove the book as a paperback version in order to make needed revisions.

This second edition offers more in the way of documenting the evolution of my family’s health and food lists than it does new and improved recipes. Consider this as an expanded version with some modifications, as most of the original content is the same. The first book will remain available as a digital copy for those desiring to compare both versions. Rest assured, this second edition contains the same vital information about digestion, food intolerance, the induction diet, shopping lists, and more. However, I also reference several valuable recipe books and resources I’ve found helpful and hope you will use them alongside this guide to find the right fit for food, supplements, and other lifestyle changes to best meet the needs of yourself and your family.

Although I am still learning how to best care for the health and dietary needs of myself and my family, I hope this guide will fulfill my intended purpose:

To provide you with a place to start by understanding how certain foods, supplements, and other factors may help or hinder your journey toward better digestive health.