10 year old makes gluten-free cereal

Gluten-Free Granola Recipe Video!

10-Year-Old Parker Demonstrates How He Makes His Own Grain-Free Cereal

Experimenting with a future vlog series, I video-taped Parker for a trial version of what we hope will become several videos where he shares his favorite recipes and talks a little about CSID.

Our hope is that other children will see it is possible to embrace the dietary restrictions and look at the positive things that come from food allergies/food intolerance. Please show your kids, your family and whoever else you feel will benefit from Parker’s perspective.

I have never felt like I was good at video or photography. So, please forgive the lack of professional appearance! If I get good feedback from everyone, we will work on improving the outcome of future videos, but it will help us to know this is something you would like to see more of.

We’d love to hear comments and about what you and your children would like to see in the future! And rest-assured, I will be improving the video quality along the way.

Be advised, review the ingredients of this recipe with your medical provider and dietitian if you (or your child) have any health conditions or concerns.


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