Low-Starch, Low-Sugar Holiday Recipes

I will be publishing a post very soon that links to all of my own holiday recipes. For now, Whole Foods has several gluten-free recipes that may work for many CSID families. Remember to calculate total starch by subtracting fiber and sugar amounts from total carbs. As always, Sucraid, Isogest and/or Food Enzymes are recommended with all meals to ensure maximum absorption and minimum work from the body’s digestive system:

(Note: Individual tolerance levels of starch vary per case, please make sure you understand starch limitations before trying these recipes)

Roasted Spiced Sweet Potatoes and Pears
{Estimated 14 grams starch, 12 grams sugar (mostly fructose) per serving}

{Estimated 0 grams starch, 7 grams sugar (fructose/sucrose in apples) per serving}
{Estimated 13 grams starch, 1 gram sugar per serving}


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