CSID Book Update

I submitted payment this week for my POD package. Only after did I have access to the formatting specs which look real good and will allow me to insert tables and other graphics to make for easy reading and reference.

I will not be able to insert color photos of recipes but will extend my offer for full color recipe cards for all pre-orders I receive until the book goes to print. Please click the PayPal order button to the left to order your copy of A Place to Start today!

Also after beginning the process of determining nutrition content for recipes I have decided to highlight recipes included in the weekly menu only. Other recipes and foods will not have complete nutrition data but I will emphasise the main benefit such as “good fat”, “omega 3 rich”, “high protein”, etc.

Due to limited time and ability to practice recipes I will not be including a separate Holiday Recipe section at this time. However, I will note “variations” at the bottom of standard recipes to guide you. Also, I was thinking a special Holiday and Summer Foods edition would be a nice sequel in a year or two. What do you think?

Once I complete the manuscript formatting changes and submit it to the publisher, I will post a timeline to let everyone know the estimated print date.


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