CSID and Digestive Health Education

Would you like to know more about digestive health and recipes made with the best, easy to digest foods?

Do you or someone you know suffer from digestive problems and cannot seem to pinpoint how to remedy the source of pain, gas, bloating or worse? 

Are you connected to a group of parents or professionals who may be interested in my CSID story and more information about digestive health?

Food is an integral part of our lives. It should be enjoyed and not feared. However many of us and our children suffer from digestive problems that are difficult to diagnose. Attending parties, public events and even intimate family gatherings can be challenging and frustrating.

As a mother of two children with CSID (Congenital Sucrase Isomaltase Deficiency) who also personally experiences digestive problems related to consuming sugars and starches, food and meal choices are a daily battle. It never fails that when we attend  a gathering where food is present, the topic of our digestive issues becomes the focus of conversation.

I am often asked if we have Celiac disease, and as soon as I say “No, its actually more limited than just gluten-free,” eyebrows lift and a slew of questions begin. And every time, someone in the group says they or someone they know could benefit from what I have learned. They want my blog address and they have even told me I should write a book about it before I have a chance to tell them I already am!

My epiphany? Why wait until my book is published to start educating interested groups about our CSID story, recipes and all I have learned about digestive health? From dietitian conferences to parent groups, and meetups discussing overall health and wellness topics, I am officially putting myself out there to speak for your group the next time you meet.

At this time, I am limited to the Sacramento, California region unless your group can cover my travel and lodging expenses.

I can tailor my speech to meet the specific needs of your group. Simply browse the various topics and recipes on this blog and then send me an email regarding anything you would like more information on.

Feel free to share this post with anyone in your social networking circles and help me to spread the word!

Start here by reading my CSID Story and Purpose of “A Place to Start” (my soon-to-be published book).

As always I appreciate your support as I continue to pursue educating and encouraging those who desire to learn more about healthy eating in the light of dietary limitations.


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