BONUS Recipe Cards with All Pre-Orders!

I am extending and expanding my offer for free recipe cards with all pre-orders for A Place to Start Without Sugar or Starch. (I have changed the title but it is the same book in content).
As I complete the final edits and revisions, I have added a lot more information in comparison to this blog and the ebook version I published back in December (which is no longer available since I am using a different publisher for printing.) This means the final purchase price might be more than the $22.99 I initially estimated. However, I will honor this price for all pre-orders I recieve prior to submitting my final manuscript and getting final pricing from the publisher.
Even if you are one of my “trial cooks” who will receive one free book for your efforts, I encourage you to take advantage of this offer. You will want to give a copy of the book, or recipe cards to family members, caregivers or even your doctor to help educate them about CSID or to provide them sample recipes they can learn to prepare when your family visits for holidays or vacations.
Originally, I offered to send a set of recipe cards for every book ordered. However, since I am no longer limiting the total number of pre-orders I will take, I do have to limit the recipe cards to one per household please.
You may email me at if you would like to send a money order. Otherwise, please select the PayPal “Add to Cart” link here or to the left to place your order through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to order this way.
Book pre-order prices are $22.99 each plus $4 shipping for up to 5 books to the same address.
Again, thanks for your support!

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