CSID Book Progress and Changes Updates

I want to touch base and let everyone know where I am at with publishing the CSID book and the changes I am making to the manuscript from the eBook I published back in December.

1.) I am 95% positive I am going to use Booklocker for my POD (print-on-demand) publisher. They offer a very reasonable set up plan and I keep all of my rights in case a traditional publisher picks up the project.

2.) I will not be able to have color interior photos as I had hoped. It is far too expensive a feature to use with POD. However, my sister suggested that I print off several recipe cards to send as a bonus to those who purchase the book. Since buyer information is required to be private, you will have to contact me to receive the free cards. This is a possibility at this point, but a great way to thank you for supporting this project.

3.) Due to risks of copyright infringement, I will need to adjust several of the recipe ingredients to general and not specific brands. However, before the recipe section, I will list certain ingredients and ingredient requirements for packaged foods, such as sour cream… based on the ingredients of the brands I normally use. Of course, if you ever have a question about a certain food or ingredient, I will always be here to help you make the correct choice! I have also sent request to the vitamin companies to get permission to use their specific products in my book. If I do not hear back from them, I will reference my blog to find these products as here I believe I can refer specific products as links.

4.) As soon as it is approved, I have submitted this project through Kickstarter in an effort to gain funding for publishing. I have requested enough funds to cover the cost of the POD set-up plus enough to purchase copies and ship them to everyone who has participated in my project. Ultimately this project is my gift to other CSID parents so if I can find a way to provide anyone who has contacted me with a free book, I will do it! I have a 30 day deadline to receive my goal for funding. Once the project is approved, I will post links to the project here and on all the social networking sites. Anyone contributing over $50 will also receive a free copy of the book.

5.) Due to the many hours of work required for me to make this book the best it can be, I will not be posting more than once per week to this blog. I know that will cause my blog traffic to diminish a bit, but I hope that my regular readers will continue to explore all the information that is already here and will share it with others, including doctors and dietitians so that once the book is available, anyone who needs it will be able to have access to it.

In the meantime, thank you all for your encouragement! Knowing I am helping people is a great motivation. If there is anything you want to make sure I include in the book— be it a topic from a blog post or something you have not been able to find here, please let me know. I still need help for the recipe trials as well, so if you have not signed up, I have several recipes for you if you are interested.


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