Sugar-Less Easter Treats, Egg Decorating Ideas and Crafts

I found these great spring-themed muffin cups at IKEA a few weeks ago. The apple almond flour muffins I baked above, slid right out too! No losing half the batter because it stuck to the cup! Since I also discovered a way to bake cookie squares with the left over batter. After filling the muffin cups 2/3 of the way, I greased a square baking dish with butter and spread out the remaining batter along the bottom. You can bake both together, but the cookies will be finished in about 20 minutes compared to the 35-40 minutes for the muffins.

Here are some additional ideas and links that will hopefully make the spring and Easter season fun and tasty, even without the option of indulging in chocolate or candy. The key is to focus on the fun and variety celebrating the Easter season can offer, and to avoid drawing attention to what your child cannot do or eat:

  • Fill plastic eggs with “coupons” or “Easter Bucks” good for a trip to the Dollar Store, a no-chore day, Red Box movie pick, or another inexpensive, sugar-less reward
  • Decorate Eggs traditionally or use stickers, crayons or glitter for more variety.
  • For older children, blow-out eggs prior to decorating. This can be a wonderful family tradition where children can add eggs to a collection over many years. Once eggs are decorated and dried (many possibilities including using egg dyes, water-color or acrylic paints, stickers, glitter and more), carefully thread string, yarn or ribbon through the hole. Hang blown, decorated eggs from an assortment of spring blossom branches placed in a vase as a beautiful center piece. Carefully wrap eggs in tissue paper and store in a plastic tub until next year!
  • Scavenger Hunt. Make clues and hide them in plastic eggs around the house or yard. Each clue should take children to the next clue until the final prize is discovered.
  • Use these Easter Jokes by placing the question in one plastic egg and the answer in another egg of the same color. Hide the eggs and then have children gather together and tell each other the riddles and answers.
  • Fill Easter baskets with bunny chalk, Easter activity books, crayons, gift cards, stuffed bunnies and a few muffins baked in the spring cups shown above.

For dozens of Easter egg decorating ideas click here to view Family Fun Hunt for Easter Egg Decorating Ideas.

Easter Dinner Alternative (No-Sugar, No-Starch)

Baked Salmon
Flaked Steamed Cauliflower (instead of rice)
Fresh salad
Green beans sautéed in butter.


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