Enzymes for Carbohydrates Update

Parker and I are now in week two of using the Kirkman Isogest for assisting us in digesting carbohydrates (specifically starch) with our meals. To date we have used it with pasta, cereal, rice, sprouted grain bread and even Girl Scout Thin Mints!

As long as we keep the servings small (actual serving sizes) we are having no issues with belly pain, gas or other symptoms.

When I emailed the chemist at the Kirkman labs, he informed me that he knows of several CSID families who use Isogest successfully. As I mentioned in a previous post on Enzymes, the main reason why this enzyme therapy is not referenced for use by those with CSID, is that they do not have the funding to conduct the necessary studies to achieve FDA approval. He also said he would be willing to donate several bottles to parents with CSID children in trade for providing data and feedback regarding the successful use of their product. If you are interested in recieving a free bottle of Isogest to try with your child and you understand Kirkman can make no claims of guarantee or possible side affects and are willing to try it at your own risk, please let me know right away. If I can gather 12 parents, we might be able to use our results and apply for a research grant to fund an official study to approve Isogest for CSID.

In addition to the Nature’s Sunshine Enzymes I have listed on the sidebar, the Kirkman Isogest appears to serve the similar purpose of of assisting with carbohydrate, or isomaltase digestion.

In this day and age where making all food from scratch is not realistic, being able to choose the least-processed food without concern for starch is sure making my life easier! I would love your feedback regarding your own experience (and your child’s) using Isogest or the Nature’s Sunshine Enzymes. Regardless of enzyme levels, these supplements can assist your body in digesting carbohydrates, relieving digestive stress and broadening the types of foods you can eat.

One more wonderful advantage to these supplements in comparison to Sucraid (which should still be taken with foods containing sucrose), is that they do not need to be refrigerated! Though I store mine in the fridge to maintain freshness, throwing a few capsules in my purse during a day out is so much easier than toting around a cooler with ice!


2 thoughts on “Enzymes for Carbohydrates Update

  1. Roanne King says:


    That sounds like a very challenging situation. Kudos to you for your willingness to take in children with medical needs! I would say if you can coax the little guy into taking the chlorophyll cocktail at least once per day, his system won't be so taxed. I wouldn't doubt he is suffereing from a lack of pH balance in his body– something that can induce health and behavior problems (and caused by eating too many animal products, starches and sugary foods). Chlorophyll not only soothes the intestines and allows for better absorption, but encourages pH balance. Yogurt and whey protein smoothies also contain a boost of nutrients.

    As far as the ebook, there should be a way to print it, as I was able to print mine. The pages come out a little off, however. I am looking into the cost for printing. I just want to make sure it does not need any major revisions first. I have already noticed the Introduction section could use a few changes as well as more clarity regarding the content of each section.

    Take care and thanks for the comments! 🙂


  2. 4boysmom says:

    Hi I really love your web site and I purchased your book. I really wish I could print it though. I have a medical foster home and with 4 children under 5 all with food allergies of some kind, it is difficult to have lots of time at my computer to read the book and copy down the recpies. I have an 18 month old with multiple disabilities, including CSID. He was only diagnosed in January and weaning him off the foods he had been eating and onto foods he can/should eat has been very very difficult. He is a CARB ADDICT!! He lost 4 1/2 lbs in the first 4 weeks they put him on this diet. He has brain damage and when the abrupt change of diet was started he refused to eat at all. After 5 weeks we had to put him back on his previous non restrictive diet and only now since he has gained back 1 lb and is eating some again we are starting him on a gradual change in diet. He had been taking Sucraid for 2 weeks, then had to stop for 3 weeks. He has been on it again for 2 weeks and we are seeing some improvement with his digestion of foods containing sucrose. I am very interested in the Kirkman Isogest since he is such a carb addict and refuses to eat if he can not have carbs at a meal. Change is not easy for him with his brain damage. I look forward to enjoying more of your web postings and recipes when I have time. Please let me know when your book is in print, I think I will be able to enjoy and use the recipes more then.

    One greatful mother to another….Michele


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