My Daughter’s Plea for Healing

In this touching, brutally honest video, my daughter cries out for healing and strength as she battles food choices every day at college.

My hope is that parents can see how important instilling good eating habits at an early age is to the future health and wellness of their children. Elora didn’t get diagnosed with CSID until she was 14 years old and had developed a love for all the foods she shouldn’t have. Seeing what she is going through is a very strong motivation for me to teach her little brother, Parker,  how to make wise food choices today. Considering how much more severe his CSID symptoms were as a toddler, I cannot bear the thought of him living with pain and frustration as an adult. CSID can also lead to other digestive diseases, including colon cancer, if poor food choices are made for the long term.

I know how difficult it is to battle food choices every day. As a mother of five children living with a limited budget, some days lack of time and money alone make it seem nearly impossible. For me, this video is a reality wake-up call to every time I am willing to compromise.

Yes, healing would be wonderful. In the meantime, I pray for God to give her strength as I pray for Him to give every parent and child facing the daily CSID battle strength to make it through one day, and one meal at a time.


3 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Plea for Healing

  1. Barbara says:


    My grandaughter has CSDI too, she is 2 1/2 yrs. old. I will be praying for you as well as my grandbaby for total healing. Just watching this video has shared what she goes through daily too, and how hard it is. She cannot share yet what it feelS like except it hurts , but you have been a voice for her too. Please ask your mom to share this story with 60 minutes or the news to make more people aware of this disease. The Lord may be using you as a vessel to get the awareness out to the people so that if there are anymore children that havent been diagonosed, they can get help too. The doctors can learn so much from your experience to help with fighting this and coping with it. Maybe with the awareness it will help in so many ways. Thank you. My prayers are with you for total healing. Give all the glory to GOD. IN HIS LOVE ,Barbara


  2. Anonymous says:

    Elora, thank you for sharing your video. I can sympathies with your pain as I have three children with CSID, eldest and first diagnosed is Savannah, she is 12. Second is Colton he is 7(borderliner) third is Peyton 5 she is the most symptomatic with rashes and lots of upper resp. Issues on and off. We are battling a rash right now with her and as you said, it is very hard to deal with. My children were fortunate to have been diagnosed before the age of two for Savannah, the others at 4/5 months. It is soooo important to learn from the beginning what you can eat and what you can't. You kind of fell through the loops on the diagnoses. I hate that you are having such a hard time with food. I have trouble not eating things as an adult let alone just not being able to. It is hard for me to watch my kids not be able to have or do things that other kids do because of CSID, but…..I try hard to look at it in a more positive way. There are so many diseases and disorders out there that we could of been chosen to have but God chose us to carry this one. You guys are special. And the good thing is. It's not fatal, and we can live with it. Your video is a great tool for all of us moms and dads that have small children that live with CSID, it is very hard to know what foods are hurting our kids. Do you know what mutation you are?
    I am sorry you are having so much pain. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Prayer does work and God does offer miracles to his people. When Savannah was a baby, she cried all day and night, constant pooh everywhere. I cried daily because I didn't know how to help her. I hadn't been an Active Christian for very long, it was before I really knew to pray over my children. I began to pray for her every time she cried…. God, please give my child peace and heal whatever is wrong with her, and rebuk her sickness. Well. Long story short, she did take a turn for the better and I truly feel God laid his hand on her and the crying was very mild after that. Savannah's numbers were: sucrose 5.5% Starch 50% lactose 5%
    She does ok now and is not taking Sucraid. Strictly diet. Peyton is on Sucraid, she is also on a very restrictive diet as the Sucraid doesn't really help her that much. Her numbers are similiar to Savannah. Peyton is still very symptomatic to almost everything.
    Honey, this is a lifelong journey for you. The road is never straight for any of us but If you trust in god he will see you through this. Praying for you. Cherlyn


  3. andtob says:

    Wow! I just watched Elora's video and I am in tears. It was very difficult for me to hear her. My daughter is two and she can't articulate her pain and discomfort. She is just this last week getting to the point where she actually told me, “Mama, I getting sick. My tummy.” She is actually very strong, as many people are who live with chronic pain, but listening to it being articled truly hurt me for both our girls. We do pray for my daughter's healing everyday, and Elora will be added to our prayers. Thank you.


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