CSID ebook Reviews, Comments or Suggestions?

(As of March 23, 2012 I have pulled my eBook from Lulu as I am contracting with a different company to create a paperback and eBook version in the next couple of months. If you are interested in the new and revised version of the original eBook, please respond to this post by email with your contact information. I will contact you as soon as the book is available. Thank You!)

When I went through to edit and prepare my CSID ebook, I hoped it would be easy to follow and use. I realize having a printed version is helpful, especially in the kitchen! However, I also know that many of the things I take for granted may be new to many CSID parents or others coming across this blog. One of these things includes my own experience with digestive issues, and using how I feel as an indicator if certain food will or will not work. If you do not experience digestive issues, you may not realize how a small amount of the wrong ingredient can throw a sensitive digestive system out of whack!

On the other hand, since my kids and I can have small amounts of starch without presenting symptoms, a recipe I feel is “safe” may cause issues for someone else. Please, please let me know if you experience negative side affects from any recipes!

I am in the process of referring only to my A Place to Start ebook recipes with the perspective of parent without any previous understanding or resources related to CSID or digestive issues. I have several drafts of this book in my “CSID file”, and find myself confused at times over which information I have published! During this process, it would be very helpful to have feedback from others using my ebook, so that I can make the necessary changes and adjustments needed to make this as user-friendly as possible.

Feel free to email me at writing4life@msn.com or post comments to ebook-related posts. If there is something in the blog that you want to see in the ebook, let me know. The lulu platform doesn’t allow for certain graphics, but I can revise the format if I have enough parents asking for specific topics or references such as the menu plan.

Thank you for your patience and putting up with my often technical short-comings!


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