Induction Diet Summary

For the induction diet, remove all sucrose and starch (use Group A foods that do not need Sucraid) until child is symptom free for 3 weeks. Then begin adding 5 grams of sucrose per day with Sucraid, working up to 5grams sucrose per meal with Sucraid, then moving to 10 grams sucrose per day, etc.

I discovered that eliminating all dairy aside from yogurt, helped my son to thrive. According to several resources on digestive issues, removing lactose temporarily has proven to reduce symptoms more quickly.

Essential supplements:

NOTE: I have used Shaklee vitamins, supplements, and cleaning products for over 14 years. Their quality is superb and I highly recommend you find a local distributor or take advantage of their wholesale membership offers. Anything not offered through Shaklee, I order through Nature’s Sunshine, another long-lived company that also specializes in digestive health.

·         A liquid, powdered or chewable multivitamin without added sugar such as Shaklee Infant Powder or Incredivites, is essential.

·         Omega-3 supplement such as added Flax-oil to yogurt or smoothies.

·         Priobiotics that do not include added sucrose or starch.

For younger children, mashing supplements or blending works if they will not or cannot swallow tablets or capsules.

Optional Supplements I have personally found helpful for my family:

·         Adding Liquid Chlorophyll to juice or smoothies.  According to Nature’s Sunshine, chlorophyll is a “digestive tract detoxifier”, “supports intestinal health”, and “supports circulatory health”. There was a point in the early CSID days that the only liquid Parker had was his cup of chlorophyll mixed with distilled water, honey and lemon. I believe having this supplement consistently allowed his digestive system to recover from months of malabsorption as well as to get over bouts of diarrhea within days or even hours. Compared to the three weeks it can takes some children with CSID to recover from accidentally ingestion of too many sugars or starches, this is definitely a supplement I recommend! My son knows it helps him and often asks for his chlorophyll when his tummy is bothering him.

Sample Induction Diet Menu

Day 1

·         Scrambled eggs with chopped spinach, mushrooms.
·         2 TBS Liquid Chlorophyll diluted in 6 ounces water with half a squeezed lemon and crystalline fructose
·         Plain yogurt and blueberry blended with added flax oil and powdered vitamins.
·         Sliced ripe avocado
·         Cooked butter beans (if canned, make sure only salt added)
·         Diced tomatoes
·         Chicken breast strips cooked in coconut oil
·         Chlorophyll, lemon*, fructose mix
*adding lemon to all meals containing meat, egg, fish or poultry can aid in the digestion process

Day 2

·         Scrambled eggs with side of blueberries
·         Chlorophyll mixture
·         Albacore canned tuna (no soy flakes or broth added) mixed with 1 TBS plain yogurt and fresh lemon juice
·         Peeled and sliced cucumber
·         Turkey burger (no bun)
·         Steamed broccoli (add butter and sea salt to taste)
·         Mashed cauliflower (add butter and sea salt to taste)
Other snacks and foods:
 (don’t be afraid to serve breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast)
·         Welche’s Grape Juice
·         Use Kale, broccoli, bell pepper in scrambled eggs
·         Cranberries cooked in water and fructose
·         Steamed cabbage with butter
·         Celery and carrot slices (if your child can have hard foods)
·         Hard boiled eggs, chopped or sliced

Begin Adding Cheese and Some Dairy Once Diarrhea Has Stopped

·         Cottage cheese
·         Cream cheese
·         Sour cream
·         Grated cheddar cheese

Add Group A food to be taken with Sucraid after 3 weeks of no major symptoms

See Abbreviated Sugar and Starch Content in Foods as well as the complete list of foods by category from 


It is very important to stay in contact with your child’s doctor and dietitian during this process. These are only suggestions based on what has helped my child. The final decision of what and when to feed your child specific foods should be between you and your doctor. Keeping detailed records of all the food your child eats as well as any symptoms is the most accurate way to determine what your child can tolerate.
Even if it appears your child may not tolerate a specific food now, you may be able to add it at a later time once symptoms are under control. After my son was virtually symptom-free and gaining weight steadily, I was able to add most of the Group A foods plus almond-flour and dairy products. However, enzyme levels from his biopsy qualified him for Group B and now he is able to have most Group C foods in moderation without issues.

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