CSID Weekly Menu Plan and Shopping List

I understand that often time and money are the most important factors in providing healthy meals for your family. I find that planning ahead and weekly shopping is vital to making sure I have all I need to provide a quick meal void of high-starch content and processed foods which may contain sugar or other taboo ingredients. Feel free to add a salad to each dinner, or as an alternative to sprouted grain or almond bread if you are avoiding starch or fall under Group A. Please alter recipes as needed for infants or toddlers not ready for hard or bite-sized foods. All of my children are over the age of seven, so I sometimes forget that not every child is able to have all these foods. Please check with your child’s doctor regarding the appropriate age for introducing dairy, eggs, and honey, etc.

Click on the links below for access to PDF files of the menus and grocery list.

Please let me know if you have any problems with these links, as I am using a (new to me) document sharing program in order to provide these lists online.

I have linked each recipe requiring more than just tossing together the ingredients listed in the meal title. Simply click on the recipe after downloading the page and you will be directed to the webpage posting that recipe!



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