Eczema, Acne and Rash Around Mouth Treatment

Dandelion Root TeaYesterday, I updated a post from around two years ago regarding the rashes around Parker’smouth that have come and gone since he was an infant. After his CSID diagnosis and removal of sugars and starches, he would still get occasional irritation around his mouth. Usually, I would just treat it with Aquaphor a few times per day. Eventually it would clear up.

Several months after he started tolerating some starches, he developed eczema for the first time in his life (he was five years old). It started as a break out on his back, but the consistent area of irritation has been in the folds of his arm and behind his knees. The eczema only seems to occur during the summer months, and I have not connected his break-outs with his diet.

Since my children have CSID, food is usually the first thing I associate with any symptoms my children present from fatigue to headaches to wetting the bed. Realistically, it is impossible to always track everything they eat. As their mother, I just want my children to have relief, even if I can’t pinpoint why they are having troubles! This past summer, my sister told me about a very simple treatment she had successfully used with her three-year-old son who has had severe eczema his whole life. Since Parker’s eczema was acting up pretty badly, I decided it was worth a try.

Dandelion Root TeaThe solution:  Dandelion Root Tea

Apparently it supports the liver in detoxification. Going back to the assessment from Parker’s naturopath regarding his mouth rash indicated stress in his stomach and intestines, this made sense to me. Parker drank 2-3 cups of diluted Dandelion Root Tea for the next few days. Please note, I had been applying prescription cream twice a day for at least a week with very little improvement. Within a few HOURS, Parker’s eczema was clearing rapidly. The oozing and itching stopped, and by the second day, there was hardly a trace of it. I wish I had taken before and after photos at the time in order to document the changes!

But what I do have for you today is another testimony of how Dandelion Root Tea has also helped to clear up his most recent face rash.

Just prior to Thanksgiving, Parker started showing irritation around his mouth. My oldest daughter, Elora, who also has CSID noted that she breaks out around her mouth when her diet is less than ideal. As a young child, and well before we knew anything about CSID, she would have rashes around her mouth all the time. As a child, so did I!

Anyway, one of the corners of Parker’s mouth was inflamed and oozing. I had forgotten about the tea solution until I came across some in my sister’s cupboard. I immediately made Parker a cup and he eagerly drank it, recalling how quickly it had worked for his eczema over the summer. I continued to apply Neosporin to prevent infection or spreading of germs to his cousins, but the Dandelion Tea came through once again!

However, I only gave it to him that one time this week. The pictures here show traces of the rash still present. (Also note the fact he has not been able to take his Sucraid consistently due to an error in shipping prior to Thanksgiving, so I can say there is a marked connection between this rash and the ingestion of some foods that contain traces of sucrose without the use of Sucraid.)

If you choose to try this “treatment” with your own child, you may wish to dilute the tea or even serve it iced depending on the age and preferences of your child. I also sweeten Parker’s with honey, but feel free to use an alternate sweetener if required.

As always, if you find success (or not), please let me know by commenting here so that other parents can know I am not the only one who has experienced results.


2 thoughts on “Eczema, Acne and Rash Around Mouth Treatment

  1. Roanne King says:

    Thank you for your comments Florence. If you look at one of my more recent post you will see that part of Parker's severe eczema was likely related to the onset of additional food allergies which I think had to do with him eating an excessive amount of processed foods to which he didn't appear to be having symptoms. We have since stopped using Sucraid due to its yeast composition and the belief that it was contributing to his rashes which ended up being a fungal-based. The Vital Zymes he's currently using are working very well and we don't have to jump through hoops for a prescription in order to get it. I'm just not sure if it's available to you in France. I encourage you to give them a try if you can get them. I order through Amazon.


  2. Florence says:

    Hi Roanne,
    I was very touched by your story and admire your courage.
    My son was diagnosed CSID after 4 weeks at the hospital when he was 6 months old. He often had eczema at the inner side of the elbows and knees and around the mouth. He even has a white mark behind one knee because the whole melanine has gone because of the too much scraching. Our gastroenterologist didn't think there would be any connection with his diet but it is possible. Next time I'll try the dandelion root tea. Thank you for the info.
    A small hope for Parker : my child can now eat everything with the help of Sucraid. I don't know his CSID type, but there was a great evolution in his diet between the diagnosis in 2006 and now. I wish you luck for the future.
    Florence Brodowski


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