Seeking Traditional Publisher for CSID Book

I know I have been lacking in communication over the past couple of years. I get motivated to start revisions for the book, and then something seems to distract me, discourage me or stop me in my tracks!

When I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s degree, my purpose was to develop the professional writing, communication, marketing and collaboration skills needed to produce and promote a quality product. During the past year or so, I have dabbled in the idea of self-publishing, but now realize that traditional publication will allow me (us) to reach more parents and practitioners that what I could do alone.

Please know that I am in no way motivated to profit from this. However, I feel that my time and research is of value to all of you. I would gladly have spent hundreds to avoid the stress and cost involved in my own trial and error of discovery to what was best for my son back in 2005.

With that said, my further research on self-publishing houses has revealed that I would still have to charge a “normal” price for my book. I would just be on my own to edit, revise and market my product. I realize that no matter which avenue of publication I eventually end up going with, that I will have work to do. However, due to my own recent health complications (looking like fibromyalgia which interestingly carries a common symptom of IBS?…hmmm) any work I can avoid on my part to keep my symptoms under control will be of great value.

Nevertheless, I see using my limited computer time to once-and-for-all complete this book project! It is a necessary part of my own health journey as well as important for me to keep my word to the many mothers out there who have patiently waited for my final product.

And since I have filtered out pretty much every other outside commitment I have out of the need to control my FM, this will be my ONLY project aside from keeping house and home. 🙂

Once again, I seek your feedback! If I have sent you recipes, now is the time to contact me regarding your success or otherwise. I will give credit to anyone who has helped in any way.

I am also looking for GI professionals and Dieticians who are willing to review the book project and endorse the final product. This is very important to ensuring the published product makes it into every GI office in North America, Europe, Australia and beyond.


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