Sugar-Free, Starch-Free Shopping List

There are specific ingredients and product manufacturers I have grown to trust over the years. Please read through this list carefully and refer to it often. If I have received permission to list a particular brand name, I have used that brand. If I have not, then I have listed the ingredients that brand uses. Please make it a habit to ALWAYS check labels, even when using a trusted brand, as I cannot guarantee that a particular manufacturer has not changed its ingredients since the date of publication of this book.

There are a few parameters to master when you first start shopping for CSID-friendly foods and ingredients. First and foremost—label reading! Luckily, most of shopping lists include only single ingredient, fresh foods. For others, becoming aware of which ingredients may present a problem is grueling but worth the effort in the end!
In general, I never trust front label claims such as “all natural” or “sugar-free”, as I quickly learned most still include sugar substitutes that can cause secondary symptoms. These include soy products and any form of sugar, including evaporated cane juice.
Whenever possible, choose organic and locally grown for maximum health and environmental benefits.

~Starchy ingredients or association with starchy foods including rice, corn, potato, tapioca, garbanzo bean, peanut, wheat, flax, food starch, maltodextrin, soy or soy flakes, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, broth, or anything labeled “natural flavors”.
~Sucrose or artificial sugars including sugar, brown sugar, molasses, cane sugar, cane juice, evaporated can juice, palm sugar or syrup, sucralose (Splenda), aspartame, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup. See my post on sugar substitutes for more details.
If you are not sure about an ingredient, it is safer to pass on that particular food. I have also learned from several sources that manufacturers are not required to disclose every single ingredient. For instance, they can label a food “sugar free” if there is less than one gram of sugar per serving.
If I have listed a particular brand name, it is due to the purity of the product, my success in using it, or a specific recommendation from either the SCD diet or the CSID approved foods list.
I have found some of these ingredients very difficult to avoid in certain foods, such as the inclusion of maltodextrin or food starch in most brands of cottage cheese, sour cream and even yogurt. However, there are brands out there who do not add fillers. Keep searching until you find one or purchase a yogurt maker to your own! Even when you do, continue to check labels regularly as manufacturers change ingredients often.

This ‘staple’ list includes foods I always try to have on hand. Most foods are non-perishable or if fresh, will be used within a week if you use the weekly menu plan.
Please don’t be discouraged at how long this takes the first few times around. After a few shopping trips, you will soon become an expert at quickly scanning labels for key ingredients!
I have provided links for some of the harder to find foods so that you may either order them directly or know what you are looking for at the health food store.

These lists are all inclusive and are to be used after success implementation of the Induction Diet described in section two. Not all of these items are used in the recipes, but they are all handy to have available when possible.

Welch’s Grape Juice—Bottle only
Dole Pineapple Juice-Canned in 100% juice, not frozen
Landers 100% Pomegranate Juice (no other juice added)
Distilled Water (2 gallons minimum)
Sparkling Mineral Water without added sodium
Tomato Juice* (tomatoes, salt and ascorbic acid only)
Apple Cider (cloudy, not clear)
Dandelion Root Tea
Peppermint Tea
Lemon-Ginger Tea

Green Beans (fresh or frozen)
Fresh or Frozen Cauliflower
Grapes (white or red)
Baby Carrots
Snow Peas
Lettuce (butter, Romaine, red leaf, etc.)
Tomatoes (vine-ripe)
Strawberries (Fresh and Frozen, no sugar added)
Blueberries (Fresh or Frozen)
Lemons (buy in bulk if possible)
Zucchini (summer squash)
White mushrooms

Dry Lima Beans (or canned Butter Beans with no additives)
Canned Olives
Canned Pineapple, Dole sweetened with pineapple juice ONLY
Albacore or yellow fin canned tuna (no broth or soy flakes)
Canned coconut milk with no additives
Almond butter without added sugar

Red Wine Vinegar
Dry White Wine
Wheat Free Tamari
Cold-Pressed Olive Oil and/or Grape Seed Oil
Organic Coconut Oil
Sea Salt
PureVanilla Extract (check for no-sugar, organic if possible)
Ener-GBaking Powder (gluten, wheat, dairy, aluminum free and low sodium) OR Baking Soda
Individual spices: Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Dill, Black Pepper
Flax Oil
Unsweetened Shredded Coconut (Order by phone from Lucy’s Kitchen Shop or online at

Unsalted Butter (I add sea salt)
Whole organic cow’s milk
Heavy Whipping Cream
Medium or Mild Block Cheddar Cheese
Block Jack or white cheese
Plain Yogurt (whole milk if you can find it)
Parmesan Cheese* (Fresh Grated with no fillers is best)

Cut-Up or Whole Organic, Free-Range Chicken
Ground Turkey
Ground Beef (all natural, grass fed if possible)
Turkey Bacon (use with Sucraid if you cannot find a brand without sugar)
FreshWater Salmon Fillet (frozen single portions ok, but check label, Costco, Kirkland Brand)
Tilapia Fillets
Fresh Sliced Turkey or turkey breast strips (glucose added, ok)
Frozen Chicken Strips and/or Chicken Breasts
Turkey Burgers (Costco, Kirkland Brand are the Best!)
Eggs (Brown/Free Range is best) (2 dozen minimum)
Crystaline Fructose (stores that sell this in bulk include Winco, Raleys, Sprouts, Fred Meyer). Can be ordered in bulk from or in non-GMO 15 ounce containers from Glory Bee Foods.
Yogurt Starter (Lucy’s Kitchen Shop) 

SHOPPING LIST items when Sucraid is added to diet

Bell Peppers (any color)

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3 thoughts on “Sugar-Free, Starch-Free Shopping List

  1. Roanne King says:

    The only “sugar” foods are minimally sweet fruit and fructose (which I thought I removed in a previous revision). The CSID condition is an intolerance to table sugar or disacharides. Fruits and juice in this list are monosacharides and only suggested in small quantities.


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