January 2010 GI Appointment Update

January 22, 2010

PJ had a check up with his GI yesterday. He has gained 1 1/2 pounds and grown 1/2 inch since his last visit. This is great news since he has been eating starchy foods for the past few months! Apparently some Group B kids are able to take in more starchy foods and transition into Group C later in life. There is still a lot of research going on to fully understand this, but it may explain why there are so few kids who fall into Group B. I am thinking it may have something to do with the sensitivity in the digestive system, and perhaps after eating the correct foods, those enzymes are able to work more effectively. I also think that using Sucraid regularly may play a part.
Beyond provable theories, I must also share that in August, our church prayed for Parker’s healing and for a breakthrough for me as I was getting to a point of frustration and exhaustion when it came to the time and money spent on feeding our whole family. It was only after that prayer session that Parker was able to eat starchy foods without breaking out in a rash. So in part, I must credit his progess with Divine healing or at minimum, giving me the faith to feed Parker foods I would never, ever try to feed him! However, just as my son is a unique creation, and so many parts of his life involve miracles, each of your children are unique. There is no telling why some of them fare better than others, why there are so many different mutations and why all this makes it nearly impossible to set a standard for all those with CSID.


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