Disaster Prepared Kit

One thing I would like to include in my book is a detailed list of CSID foods that can be preserved and packed for a disaster prepared kit. Most of the foods my children eat are fresh and need refrigeration, so what happens in an emergency? I am looking into companies that sell freeze-dried foods that could be of great use. As soon as I confirm ingredients, I will post the resources.

In the meantime, I am asking for feedback on items that you think we need for survival in the cases of no running water or electricity. Have any of you found a company that sells kits for families with food allergies or digestion issues? Please pass on any vital information.

Things to consider for you kit include:

Non-Food Items
Personal Hygiene items

Water in gallon bottles for cleaning and brushing teeth

A water purifier

First-Aid kit

Extra propane for outdoor grill


Empty ice chests for transferring perishable food in case of evacuation

Plenty of ice (I keep the ice packs from Sucraid shipments!)

Zip-lock baggies

Non-Perishable Foods

Butter beans dry
Tomato paste
Baking powder
Sea salt
Small coconut oil, unopened
Freeze dried strawberries
Freeze dried butter
Freeze dried ground beef
Dehydrated eggs
Dehydrated milk

I know there is much more, but this is just to get you thinking! Please feel free to add to this list through comments or emails so that I can compile everyone’s suggestions for the book.



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