Allergist Appointment Update

PJ went to an Asthma and Allergy doctor today for the first time. They conducted a skin test and all foods and environmental allergens came back negative. His rash is still inflamed and he has been officially diagnosed with eczema. The doctor also ordered a blood allergy test, in which PJ will also be tested for milk protein, almonds, and baker’s yeast in addition to about 20 other foods.

I requested the yeast panel since I know the Sucraid use has increased significantly in the past 6 months. It would really stink if he ended up being allergic to yeast, but at least we would know what was causing the eczema. I realize we may never know for sure, and I have been instructed to care for the rash with daily baths and lotion to decrease irritation and inflammation and increase water absorption on his skin. It is possible, since his skin seems to be sensitive, that it is just prone to easy irritation and that the eczema has nothing to do with his diet at all. The fact he has always perspired excessively, and with his fair skin, it wouldn’t surprise me.

We will get the blood test results back in about 10 days and I will post an update at that time.


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