Cookbook Update

After some major revisions, I am still planning on publishing a cookbook which includes recipes safe for Group B only. Since there is very little research for Group B, Mary Slawson (from )and I have agreed that focusing the recipes in the book for this group will have the most benefit. Currently, she is diligently going through my manuscript, to ensure all of the information I provide will be supported by those in the medical and nutrition field, and that it will not mislead parents in any way as to how to safely feed their children.

In the mean time, my focus will be on my son and increasing his calorie and carbohydrate intake. Even though he seemed to be doing fairly well to me, and growing steadily, though slowly over the past year and a half– he has once again dropped on the growth chart and is back below the 3rd percentile. Since this is considered underweight, it is obvious that all I am doing is still not sufficient. Parker will be undergoing some further tests to rule out food allergies and to determine why he is not gaining more weight. He will begin seeing a dietitian once again on a regular basis and once his weight increases enough, we will begin to determine if he can start taking in more starches. All of these efforts will also help us to understand those children in Group B and their limitations. In addition, we will be in need of several Group B moms who can participate in a case study regarding some of the digestive supplements I currently give Parker. First, we will need to find a doctor and dietitian willing to oversee the study. Most likely, this information will not be published in the initial cookbook, but in a later, revised edition.

Thanks for all of your continued support! I will try to keep you updated on Parker’s test results and the plan of action we take after the test results come in and his current diet is reviewed by his new dietitian.


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