Book Project Update

This is just tentative, but for now I am thinking the direction for my cookbook will be as follows:

1)Revise the title and any references that implicate recipes can be used for those with CSID.

2)Include my testimony about my own children and how they came about getting diagnosed.

3)Remove digestive supplement information (other than what I include in my testimony) until I can contact the distributor of the supplements I use and receive their permission and endorsement to publish information about what I use for my children.

4)EVERY recipe I publish will include at minimum: sucrose and starch content, calories, carbohydrates, protein, & lactose content. You as the parent will have to determine whether or not your child will need Sucraid or can use the recipe depending on which group he or she falls under.

5)Upon self-publication, I will send a copy of the book to the administrator of the csid support group site for review. If I am able to get the stamp of approval on specific recipes, I will publish a revised edition at a later date which will then indicate which recipes are safe for Group A, Group B, etc. and which ingredients require Sucraid.

It is very important that I am still able to share all I have learned. Since many of the recipes and digestive health information can also be used by those simply wishing for healthy alternatives or gluten-free recipes, I still feel I can help those without CSID as well.

Any feedback on this matter would help me in re-focusing my project. I am also very grateful for all of you who are continuing to support me in this endeavour.


One thought on “Book Project Update

  1. CE says:

    I'm so glad I finally tracked you down (I had originally saved you under an old blog link: csidrecipesandnutrition)! I was worried that I had lost the only helpful link I've found on CSID (why oh why isn't there more info out there??) So happy that you are still planning on publishing your cookbook. I'll continue to check back on your blog. Thank you!


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