I do not have the words to express how sorry I am. Though I recognized my error at the first of the month in inaccurately posting a recipe that could be used by those in Group A– the “Sweet ‘N Crunchy” salad has caused some serious problems for one family. I do not know any details, but feel that I must put my recipe posts and any recommendations for supplements, etc. to an immediate halt.

At most, I will continue posting to this blog as a public “diet diary”– communicating my personal experience as a mother with children who have CSID. Since they are in Group B, the smallest group of CSID patients, I cannot fathom the implications or take on the risks in sharing further recipes without them first being approved through the CSID dietitian and medical experts and clearly labeled as to the sucrose and starch content and which Group they are approved for.

Again, I apologize and never intended for anyone to get hurt or meant to downplay the seriousness of CSID. If I decide to pursue the book project, it will be carefully reviewed and will not go to print without the approval and endorsement by those who have invested the past 15+ years in detailed research and knowledge regarding every aspect of CSID.


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