Rash May be A Good Sign of Detoxitfication!

Wow! After getting frustrated about Parker’s reoccurring rash– I just came across a snippet from a book about detoxification that might explain what is going on. (The Detox Book, by Bruce Fife) Since Parker has always been one to develop rashes as an indication of something going wrong, this book says that this rash may be a sign his body is detoxing– which makes perfect sense considering the fact I have eliminating all that excess protein! This book also says not to increase medications or vitamins, but to let the body to its job and let the rash run its course.

I was going to cut out the Sucraid for a week anyhow, to see if that was causing the problem. But now I am going to cut it out to help his body continue to heal without having to process the Sucraid. I have actually increased his Sucraid during the past month, so this may be hindering him more than helping him.

Other “symptoms” of the body detoxing include cold symptoms, constipation, discharge from eyes, nose, or ears, moodiness, tiredness and more.

I know personally I panic whenever Parker shows signs of stress. But I need to remember if I am doing everything right, or mostly right and feeding him the best I can, nothing in excess and making sure he gets plenty of fluids and rest, that I can trust his body is doing what it needs to do to make him healthy.

After going all day yesterday without Sucraid, a lot of water, almond cookies and fruits and veggies, the hive-looking rash on his legs and arm have faded considerably and are now light pink and dry looking.

I plan to make sure he has plenty of vegetables today, his chlorophyll and distilled water. He will still take his Papaya Mint with his eggs, and his Magnesium Aspartate as recommended by his naturopath.

One thing we all need to remember as well is that when we use natural methods to help our children, it often takes more time to see improvement that it would with strong medications. But we need to trust that God designed our bodies to heal themselves if given proper time and not hindered by toxins. We need not rush the process to make ourselves feel better.


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