Mystery Solved About High Proteins!

I have been trying to figure out what was causing Parker such high protein levels and through doing some research for another mom– I discovered that Parker was getting about 3TIMES TOO MUCH PROTEIN!!! Instead of getting 30 grams per day, he was getting closer to 100 grams with the chicken and hamburger patties.

Wow! This explains so much. His poor little body just couldn’t keep up with processing all of it.
He is now going on Magnesium Aspartate until his Urea levels drop. In the meantime, his protein will be coming from eggs and almond flour– in much smaller amounts. The magnesium will help his body eliminate the excess protein much faster. Once his level return to normal, I plan to add small portions of chicken, fish, and cottage cheese into his diet once or twice per week. But he will still need lemon on his meat to assist in the digestive process.

This is one of those Mommy Moments– where we think we are doing good or making up for the areas that are lacking and instead end up doing what is worst for our child! But I don’t feel bad– I am grateful that I was able to discover what I did wrong, learn from it and move on. I trust God is leading me and only allowing Parker’s body to suffer enough to speak to me until I change what needs changing for his good and the good of every child I am suppose to be helping through this experience.

AND I am very grateful that I found this out BEFORE publishing my book! I will take more caution in the recipes containing meat and other protein portions and label recipes so that you will know how much protein your child needs and won’t over do it like I did.


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