Recipe Ingredient Warning– PLEASE READ!

I am really sorry about this! I was just going through the foods lists with a fine tooth comb so to speak and discovered two grave errors I have made with the ingredients in some of the recipes I have posted here.

1) ONLY GROUP C can have Dried CURRANTS! I can’t believe I have been giving Parker dried currants for the past couple of months– this may have caused extra stress on his system and may be the answer to his issues with protein indirectly. I had misread the chart and thought Black Currants meant dried ones. However the dried currants (one down on the list)– have 33.1 grams of Fructose per 100 grams. Now, they still contain a virtually zero sucrose, but can still cause gas and discomfort. Though I thought any amount of Fructose was fine, it is possible all that sugar– regardless of it’s form –may be too much for his system. Please be cautious if you decide to keep using currants, keeping amounts small and watching for any signs that your child’s system may be stressing out. For now, I going to eliminate currants from Parker’s diet until his Chemistry comes back with carbohydrate levels normal.

He is such a blessing though! He totally accepts any changes I tell him we need to make– if only I could get him to eat more vegetables 🙂

2) I have been putting garlic in his eggs for several months, and again, I thought this was fine so long as I gave him Sucraid. However, garlic in it’s raw from contains 13.4 grams of starch per 100 grams. This may or may not be causing issues for Parker, since he is in Group B (I normally don’t give him any food over 3 grams of starch per 100), but since it is not approved for Group A, I am also eliminating this ingredient from his diet for the next few weeks.

These are the two major additions I have made to his diet in recent months, and may be contributing to his issues with protein in some way. I am having his naturopath review his diet and symptoms in detail so we can both try to figure out what may be causing his imbalance. I will probably leave these ingredients out of the recipe book, or list them as optional for children not in the Group A CSID, unless approved by their dietitian.


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