Updated Gadgets!

As promised, I have started two new surveys for my readers/subscribers. I don’t think I can get away from having a long title since I want to make sure parents whose children may have gluten and lactose issues, but not CSID, will find a need for this book as well. So, the first survey covers a few different options for the title. Please vote for the one that draws your attention, but also truly conveys what I am including in the book. For a reminder of all I am including please click on this link to my updated Table of Contents.

Secondly, I have posted a survey regarding your opinion on what you are willing to invest to receive a printed copy of the published book. I am looking into self-publishing options, one of which allows me to receive 24 copy Previews of the book before the final copy goes to market. There is an additional fee for these copies, but it is far cheaper than paying the publishing company to edit the book. Besides it is you– the people who will use this book and have supported me throughout this journey– who know best about my objective. If you would be willing and able to invest $15 for an Advanced Reading Copy, and can invest the time to read through the book from beginning to end, writing your comments throughout the book and mailing it back to me by a specific date– then I would not only include you in the acknowledgement section of my book, but I would send you a FREE copy of the official printed book!

In addition this same survey asks about an optional email subscription. What I am thinking here is that I will continue creating recipes and discovering updated information about CSID and other digestive disorders after publication. For a one-time fee of $5 paid to my PayPal account, I would email you monthly recipes and updates. Up until publication, this may include recipes that will eventually be in my book. After publication, it will include new recipes, updates on digestive health information, and possibly testimonies and letters from other parent’s who have found success using the principles and recipes in the book.

Lastly, I have updated the Email Subscription gadget on the side. Though I have made direct contact with over 25 moms whose children have CSID, I currently only have 5 subscribers. If you have become a Follower, but not a subscriber– please subscribe today by inputting your email address. You will only receive email updates when I post new blogs– and as far as I know you will not get spammed with other junk from Blogger. I will not sell your email address to anyone– I just want you to know when I post something new so you can read it and comment on it. To motivate you to do this– I will put all my subscribers (as of the date my book becomes available to the general public) in a drawing to receive a FREE copy of my book.

Given all these new strategies I am trying out, all are contingent on my current plan to pursue the self-publishing option, which gives me all rights to my book. If in the meantime, I secure a traditional publisher, please understand I may not have as much freedom to do so. However, I will still do all I can to follow through with these promises regardless of the publishing route this book project takes.

Now, I must get back to my manuscript!

Thank you all for your support!


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