Tests Results– Good News and Bad News

The first photo shows his rash a couple of weeks ago, representative of what it was this morning, though he had more irritation on his upper lip and less on his cheeks. The second photo reflects his rash after two doses of Magnesium Phosphorus salts this afternoon.
I am a bit overwhelmed at all of the information I just received regarding my son’s digestive system and other vital organ function. It has been over a year since Parker had a Thermography* and Chemistry* test at his naturopath and I was finally able to set aside the time and money to have him tested.
I was really hoping for a wonderful report, as his growth has been so great this past year. Though he has made many strides in his overall health, his doctor found a few concerns and has revised his diet and supplement regimen in effort to bring better balance and health to his body.
I plan to do more research on all the information she gave me, but the following is a summary of what we discovered.

1) Right off, Parker is suffering from an itchy and irritated rash around his mouth. This happens on occasion, and I usually treat it with Aquaphor. Most of the time I trace back this skin irritation to a few dietary compromises the previous day. Though I am aware that skin conditions are a sign the internal organs of the body are stressed—I admit I made light of his face rashes as a temporary set back and a quick fix.

However, this morning, the rash in combination with his testing revealed some startling and serious results. Please bare with me as I try to put into Lehman’s terms what his doctor explained to me.
Between his Thermography and Chemistry, results indicated his Ureas are off-the-charts high and that his colon and appendix were also highly stressed. From what I gathered from the doctor and a quick Internet search, ‘urea’ are chemical bi-products of our bodies breaking down protein.
In my research I have discovered that most people eat way too much protein. So it makes sense that Parker—his main diet being of meat, chicken, eggs, and fish—would be a bit stressed out. We had gone over this possibility before, and made some alterations to his diet, including the addition of lemon to all his meals containing protein. It just so happens that we ran out of lemons a few days ago and I had not had a chance to buy more. This could possibly explain a small elevation in ureas, but I am thinking I have just been letting him eat way too much meat.
In addition, the rash around his mouth specifically indicates stress to his stomach (above lip); his large intestine (below lip) and his small intestine (sides of mouth).

2) The plan for now—NO MEATS, POULTRY, FISH or CHEESE until is urea levels decrease significantly. This is going to present a challenge, but thankfully he can eat all the eggs he wants. In addition to eliminating these proteins, we are also adding the following supplements to help him recover as quickly as possible. The stress of his appendix are a concern for problems later in life and since he is just shy of 5 years old, we need to determine safe levels of protein so he doesn’t keep getting to these high levels of toxicity.

Addition of Slippery Elm Bark Powder.
I have purchased a large bag of powder and will be making capsules for him to swallow with his other supplements. I will start with 2 capsules per meal.
According to the Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis a. Balch, CNC , slippery elm “soothes inflamed mucous membranes of the bowel, stomach and urinary tract…Beneficial for Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, and gastritis.”

Addition of Magnesium Phosphorics 6X (Hylands)
He has already taken 2 doses of 6 tablets each. His doctor ensures me he can have as many of these as he wants to. I plan at the least giving him 6 per meal for the next several weeks.

Increase in his amounts of Leafy Greens in soups and eggs.
His doctor reminded me that because he lacks enzymes and has a higher risk for stress in his digestive tract, that most if not all of his vegetables should be steamed. This keeps his body from working so hard to break down the food and retrieve vital nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.

Activation of Both Chlorophyll and Calcium Gluconate Using the Frequency Device
In an effort to target harmful substances in his body and reduce stress on organs. He will continue to take 2 teaspoons of chlorophyll in water with lemon after each meal. I will capsule the calcium gluconate powder and give him 3 with each meal as well.
THE GOOD NEWSParker’s salt levels and his pH are just fine! This is great news as now I am only dealing with intestinal stress factors and not other risks involved in his body being in an acidic state. I believe his supplements are a huge factor in this, along with using sea salt—as all promote alkalinity even though he has still been having a lot of meats which are acid forming foods.

Definitions of testing terms:
*THERMOGRAPHY-(Computerized Regulation Thermography) This particular device evaluates your body functions by a direct temperature measurement probe instead of measuring thermal radiation. The result is a scanning method that is much more precise than any other thermographic system. It maps out the complete autonomic nervous system as it projects to and from each organ or tissue. With this form of thermography, we can finally see what the body is doing long before it becomes dysfunctional enough to create an irreversible problem. This is not diagnosing disease, but rather identifying the patterns that lead to disease, so that these patterns can be successfully treated. For more information click HERE.

*CHEMISTRY TEST– Through samples of urine and saliva taken 2 hours after eating, this combination of tests determine levels of sugar, urine pH, saliva pH, body salts, albumin, and ureas. For more detail on this test click HERE.


2 thoughts on “Tests Results– Good News and Bad News

  1. Jason says:

    Wow, thank you for such valuable and straightforward info. I have had a rash around my mouth for awhile and have been frustrated trying to figure it out. I think it is the protein shake with lots of protein, carbs and maltodextrin. thank you!


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