Rash around mouth indicating stress to stomach, large intestine and small intestine

rash on face could be digestive stress

(Please note this post was revised and updated on December 3, 2011)

I want to apologize for not having any content with this post’s picture. I am not sure if I accidentally deleted it recently or not, but I am revising it and adding what I remember from the time I originally posted this.

When my Parker (above) was first diagnosed with CSID, he had a small rash on his cheek near his mouth. As a toddler, he would break out around his mouth within minutes of ingesting the smallest form of starch, such as maltodextrin or soy flakes added to food. This rash is different than the one that occurred as a possible sign of detoxification.. as that was not on his face at all, but was small spots on his back.

Though I cannot currently locate the specific foods Parker was eating at this time, I did find the test results from the urine test conducted by his naturopath on this exact day. The results indicated the following:

Excess meat and animal protein was stressing his system.

His doctor also mentioned that because of his inability to digest most carbohydrates, I must watch his protein intake as the body must have  proper carb/protein balance. My understanding of this in relation to CSID was that I often overcompensated with meat and dairy products to offset the exclusion of starches. At one point I had calculated his estimated protein intake to be 3times what it should be! Once I cut back on meats and most dairy, his symptoms, including the rashes around his face would clear up.

I also realized that Parker has always done better when I use egg, yogurt and almond flour as his primary sources of protein.

In conclusion, although I assumed he was reacting to starch such as soy flakes added to tuna, I had to re-evaluate the possibility it was the tuna he was reacting to. I suppose either could be possible depending on how overloaded his system was at the time.


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