Changing the Format of my Book

A week or so ago, I was getting very overwhelmed with all the information I wanted to put in my book. I was finding connections between many other healing diets and trying to figure out how to incorporate what I was finding in my book. In addition, I was starting to see how this country is seriously addicted to foods containing sugar and starch and that we are slowly killing ourselves as a result. I was finding the need to pull back and take a breath and ask– what is this book about and who is it for, really?

I realized that I cannot help everyone– and that there are adults out there set in their ways and that they will be the hardest to reach. But I also realized there are many parents out there, mostly us moms, who want to help our children– who see our children hurting and suffering and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make our kids happy and healthy!

Then, I received an answer to my prayers– along with a deadline! I cannot go into the details here, but wanted to let my readers know that I must spend every spare minute I have rewriting my outline and creating a solid blueprint for my book. First of all, the title will be changing to something regarding children with digestive problems and hidden food allergies. Second, the book will be in three parts, roughly:
1) The Problem– Symptoms and Causes of Hidden Food Allergies (covers lactose, gluten, sugar and starch)
2) The Solution– Healing through Diet and Supplementation (not to get confused with curing but to bring your child’s body back to health despite enzyme deficiencies) and 3) Recipes

With that, I will be working through the end of the year on perfecting the outline. The remainder of my posts will likely include recipes and digestive health information and no more specific reference to my book until the publishing process is in full swing. At that point, I will likely direct all my readers to a new web page devoted specifically to my book and its readers.

For now, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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