Veggie Omelet Breakfast

This morning’s breakfast included my veggie omelet topped with Daisy Sour Cream and shredded cheddar cheese, coconut bread topped with Smucker’s Simply Fruit Apricot* and accompanied by sliced oranges* and blueberries.
*Sucraid required
Veggie Omelet
Yield: 2 servings
2 sprigs Kale, chopped
2 -Garlic Cloves, pressed and chopped (Group C only-contains starch)
2 -Fresh, small mushrooms, chopped
1 TBS- Coconut Oil
4 – Eggs
1-TBS Daisy Sour Cream (starch-free)
Grated Cheddar Cheese
Splash of 1% Organic Milk
Real Salt and pepper to taste

1. Whisk together eggs and milk in small bowl.
2. Saute coconut oil (butter), garlic, mushrooms on medium heat until garlic become clear.
3. Add kale and stir for just a few seconds until leaves turn bright green.
4.. Pour in eggs and allow to set.
5. When eggs have set, flip carefully to cook other side. Then flip over half of eggs, folding them and sliding onto a plate.
6. Add salt, pepper, sour cream and cheese as desired.

Serve with fresh berries and coconut flour bread if desired.

Coconut Flour Bread

This is a plain version of quick bread that can be used for toast, open-faced sandwiches or any other meal normally calling for bread. I admit, the texture takes a little getting used to and I usually add some type of spread such as jam or cream cheese.

Yield: 1 small loaf
6 eggs
1/2 cup butter, melted
2 tablespoons fructose or honey
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
3/4 cup coconut flour (I use Bob’s Red Mill Organic Coconut Flour.)
2 teaspoons Ener-G baking powder 

1. Preheat oven to 350˚F. Grease inside of small bread pan with coconut oil.
2. Blend all ingredients until smooth.
3. Pour into prepared bread pan. Bake for 40 minutes.
4. Cool completely. Cut into thin slices.

Use for French toast, tuna melts, breakfast toast, grilled cheese sandwiches and more.


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